“Women! Just think how our men and boys EVERYWHERE will be happy to know that their wives, mothers and sweethearts are busy and useful. They will respect all women more, because their own are busy and cheerful, and full of courage.” (1)

This quote is taken from a speech by Ella Reeve Bloor in August of 1942. She is speaking to an audience of primarily women to motivate and inspire them about being in the labor force. She believed the war would join both the men and women in America. In the 1940’s all the men were drafted into the WWII. Since they had to leave their jobs, the women took over. Employers were very willing to employ women at this time because all of the men were off fighting the war. This meant that women were doing the jobs that were typically for men. This time-period really, proves that women are just as capable as men are. Bloor believed that by women taking over these roles, they were gaining respect and beating adversity. No one could no longer say that women were not capable of doing the jobs that men do. However, it is very interesting that in order to get her fellow women “motivated” she had to draw on the idea that their “men and boys EVERYWHERE will be happy.”


(1) Sarkela, Sandra. “From Megaphones to Microphones: Speeches of American Women, 1920-1960.” Choice Reviews Online 41, no. 07 (2004): 215



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