Mr. Mom by Lonestar

Mr. Mom by Lonestar(1)

The above is a link to a song by Lonestar called “Mr. Mom” which was released in 2004. It is about a man that loses his job. His wife decides that she’ll go to work if he stays home and watches after the kids while he’s looking for a job. However, he finds it extremely difficult to accomplish what his wife does everyday. This against draws on the idea of separate spheres. His wife’s place was at home with the kids while he was working. Now that he is taking over the role of his wife, he sees how hard it is. She doesn’t stay at home and relax all day, she cooking, cleaning, watching the kids, and dealing with the financial stuff. By the end of the song he admits that he thought there was nothing to staying home and he is amazed that his wife is able to do everything. This can be connected to the first labor ad we explored about needing someone to take care of a house. This was primarily been a woman’s role for hundreds of years. In the present day it is becoming more common to see “stay-at-home-dads” but its primarily women and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. When we do hear of a stay-at-home dad, often they are praised for doing what they do because its not typical for a man to have such a “nurturing” side.

(1) Mr. Mom. By Ron Harbin and Richie McDonald. Prod. Dann Huff. Perf. Lonestar.


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